A wee Video ProductionTip

Here’s a little video production tip for the weekend, while I’m half way through a more complicated video blog post.


Last year, we were commissioned to make a video about a service provided by a Third Sector client. At the pre production meeting they uttered the dreaded words, ‘We’d like to start with a shot of the outside of the building’ Personally I think that this is the most boring way that you can start a video. A few buildings look stunning from the outside, but there are a raft of videos out there which start with a dull exterior and don’t make you feel like you want to see what comes next.


There was a good reason for wanting the external shot in this case, as they wanted to familiarise potential service users with the building before they arrived there. However I still wanted it to make a video with good production values and I came up with an idea; the GoPro.


I’ve written about this lovely tiny versatile camera before. You will probably have seen all sorts of exciting action shots (skiing, parachuting, surfing etc) taken using one. We recently used it for a charity abseil jump for Turning Point Scotland


So, back so the building exterior shot. The solution was to use the GoPro with the suction cap fitting on the windscreen of the car and shoot video while we were driving up to the location. It was a beautiful clear sunny day, the sun was behind the building. The result was the outside of the building, as part of a lovely shot incorporating movement, which draws you into the video, not boring at all! Here’s the raw footage, which we then mixed with a title just as the car turns up the drive.