Video production sound quality matters.

Video production sound is something I talk about a lot. Those who know me, will be aware that it’s one of my pet subjects.

I started my career in the BBC recording and mixing radio programmes, so it’s something I’m very familiar with. If audio is poor, then your audience gets bored, distracted or irritated and you can lose them.


I care about this so much that I broke one of my rules and put myself in front of the camera. I made this video (rather quickly) for a presentation I gave, to demonstrate why you always try and use an external microphone when recording a video interview, rather than the camera’s own inbuilt mic.


The video is in 2 parts, but in both I left the radio playing through my computer on the other side of the room.  For the first part, I used used the internal camera microphone and for the second part I used an external mic that it plugged into the video camera.


Even though I know that it makes a big difference, I was really surprised how well this illustrates it.


I recently showed this to some great students at the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy at Stow College in Glasgow. They were impressed and asked me if I had it online anywhere and said that I should put it up. So it’s thanks to them, that I’ve been prompted to do this, although I am planning a version with some proper lighting, clothes and make up!


The camera is a Sony HVR Z5E and the microphone is a Sennheiser EW 100_ENG G3. You don’t need to use a microphone as expensive as this, or a wireless mic, it’s just what I normally use.