Communications consultancy Farrpoint contacted us about video content for their new website. They wanted to have a number of short video pieces to talk about what they do, rather than just relying on text.

This is a good idea for several reasons. Different people absorb information in different ways, so you shouldn’t expect everyone to want to get their information from text. You need to show potential clients what makes your business different. There are plenty of communications consultancies, but how do you know which one you want to work with? Once I met the team from Farrpoint, I could see that they are all exceptionally experienced, really know their stuff and are also good communicators. Once we had made the video, their potential customers get to see that too.

After an initial meeting we decided that we would make a video for the website homepage, giving an overview of the business. In addition to this we would produce several short clips explaining the various technologies around the business, eg. iPv6, next generation broadband, security etc. To get the most natural video content, we interviewed the members of the team asking them about how they work. We also asked questions about the specific technologies they wanted to cover. To finish the day, we made them go through the torture of looking like they were working, for the camera.

The homepage video was edited together, allowing the members of the team to explain how they work. We also provide 5 separate video clips explaining different technologies.    All these clips were hosted on Vimeo