This is both a video case study and client testimonial video. It’s very hard to fake a video client testimonial, and nothing promotes your company better than if a client is prepared to speak about your business on camera. Leading UK managed hosting and cloud computing company iomart Hosting  wanted a video case study made with their client ControlAltDelete.

The PR team at iomart  have a strong background in TV production, so the video was produced as a collaboration. They chose their case study and what else they wanted to shoot to illustrate the video, and we provided the self shooting camera/director and the video editor to produce the video . The interviews, shots of the iomart Hosting data centre and one of ControlAltDelete’s client hotels were all done in one day in and around Glasgow.

After the video shoot, we supplied iomart with online timecoded video rushes via a link. They selected the clips and shots for the video and supplied us with a shot list. We then edited the video. Woods Noble media then uploaded the video and sent a link to iomart for approval. A few changes were made to the edit before it was signed off

The final edited video was uploaded to iomart’s YouTube channel and embedded into their website.