I knew that Fission Creative had been considering a corporate video production for their website for quite a while, but they didn’t want it to be ‘like a corporate video’. (see my blog on this subject)  Also as a brand and visual communications company, they wanted it to be just right.

The time for action came as they had decided on a new website and had a very short deadline. We met in their studio in Paisley to discuss what they were looking for. Earlier in the year I’d been testing the time-lapse capabilities of my new GoPro camera. Fission saw this which started them on a path arriving at ‘What Makes Us Tick’. This was a video based around the time-lapse of a couple of days (and nights) in the Fission studio. The ‘What Makes Us Tick’ theme allowed Fission to talk about their ethos as a company and how they work with clients, using the theme of time and the timelapse technique to communicate this. The other part of the brief was to make it very visual and not to have too many ‘talking heads’

We spent a day filming at Fission’s studio, interviewing all the staff (while trying to let them get on with their work) and also shooting cutaway material featuring all their lovely orange branding!

We left the GoPro in the studio to capture nearly 48 hours of time-lapse material. It powered by a mains adaptor and was using a 32GB SD card. Fission also supplied us examples of their portfolio and branding mostly using Sparkol VideoScribe to present it and even made a Vine video to illustrate their social media work.

The video editing was quite complicated, drawing together the interview clips to tell Fission’s story, choosing music, adding ticking clock sound effects and making the spinning clock speed up and slow down as necessary. (The moving clock was stock footage on a green background)

The first cut was sent to Fission Creative and it took a few changes and a little tightening up for their new ‘not corporate video’ to be ready ie Corporate Video Production, but not a corporate video.  The time from the shoot day to website launch was 9 days, with the majority of the video production work completed within 4 days.