We made this conference video for Turning Point Scotland who were hosting an international conference in Glasgow. The conference was to explain the Housing First model and how it was developed. They wanted to have a short video at the beginning of the conference, to introduce the project that had been running in Glasgow and look at some case studies.

Video is a very useful tool for conference presentations. Conference videos let you bring people to the conference who can’t be there for whatever reason. It adds content and also allows the presenter to have a break from speaking!

The case study  interviews were shot over one day, with a self shooting producer. This was to minimise the impact on the service users as we were shooting the video in their own homes and they were talking about very personal issues. The various shots of Glasgow were gathered on another day. We included a short voice over at the beginning to talk a little about Glasgow and then let the service users tell their own story. The video was edited over music.

The video is now being used on Turning Point Scotland’s website, increasing the value of the original conference video production.