Time-lapse video

In a previous post I mentioned that one thing that my lovely GoPro camera can do is time-lapse video. I was really looking forward to trying this out and got the chance when I was in London.


The GoPro gives you quite a few variables when it comes to time-lapse video. You can shoot one frame every 0.5/1/2/5/10/30 & 60 seconds.


I was in the wonderful St Pancras station and decided to sit inside one of the coffee establishments, facing through the glass out to the station concourse. One immediate advantage with the GoPro was its size. To shoot video in a station, you need the permission of Network Rail, but the camera is so tiny, that no-one was aware of what I was doing. I decided to shoot one frame every 10 seconds and left it running.


I loaded the footage into Premiere Pro and was pleasantly pleased with the result. The limitations are that the GoPro battery only lasts about and hour, and even with the battery BacPac it only doubles the battery life. You can run it from the mains using an adaptor, but obviously, that’s not going to work everywhere.