The How To Video

As I was checking a client’s YouTube Channel of How To videos today, I noticed that the most popular one has had nearly 400,000 views since we made the initial videos.


You might be surprised to learn just how many people type in the words ‘How to change the vacuum cleaner bag’ (or many other phrases) into Google or YouTube every day. Video is a very obvious way to find the answer to a tricky problem. You watch someone actually doing it, while they explain what they do. You can even stop the video and go back over a bit again, if you’ve missed something. I now hear lots of people tell me that they found out how to do something by looking it up on YouTube and I use it a lot myself.  Searches relating to the words ‘how to’ on YouTube are growing by 70% a year.


This one of several reasons why a How To or explainer video will help your business. Potential customers find you because they need to find out something and you become a source of knowledge. This gives your brand authority and raises your company profile.  You can also use the video to direct traffic from YouTube to your website, which in turn can improve the ranking of your website on Google. (Google own YouTube)


This client has had sales directly from this YouTube video