My tiny GoPro video camera

Towards the end of last year, I started to read posts about this amazing little beast. I then heard former BBC TV news colleagues talking about how they had started to get GoPro video cameras and that they really should have one on every desk! 


That first picture shows it in its naked state. It weighs just 2.6oz (that’s 73.71 grams in new money) and shoots amazingly good quality HD video. I could bore you with the specs, but GoPro’s own website will explain it better.


Underwater video


The video camera comes with a waterproof housing, meaning you can shoot video underwater and in all sorts of dusty and dirty environments. Even in its housing it’s still very light and small.


You can get any number of different accessories to allow you to attach the camera to ski helmets, car windscreens, mountain bikes, surfboards etc. The possibilities are endless! Given the time of year, I haven’t tried out any underwater filming yet, but I’ve tested it both using the time-lapse function and also attached to someone skiing. I’ll post the result from this in a later blog and I’m certainly looking for good excuses to use it for client videos!