So, why do you want your video on a DVD?

‘….and can we have it on DVD for our archive?’ is something that I get asked a lot. So why am I blogging about it?


The videos we produce are destined for playback in many ways. Many  sit on a website homepage (often via YouTube or Vimeo) some are used in presentations, running from a laptop or an iPad and just some are supplied to people on DVD.


The reason that I think that it’s worth thinking about whether you really want your video on a DVD, is that all of our work is in high definition (HD). DVDs however, are a a standard definition (SD) format. This means that your nice HD video doesn’t look quite as shiny as it could do, once it’s been formatted for DVD. Blu-ray is the next step on from DVD and is an HF format, but not everyone has Blu-ray capability, although we can supply your video on Blu-Ray.


I prefer to provide your video as a video file (eg. an mp4 or mov, but you can specify what you want) which can be stored on a disc as a datafile or on a USB memory stick. It can also be delivered by Dropbox for you to download. If you want to play it back for a conference or presentation, then you can drop the file onto your desktop and play it back from there and you will have a much better quality version.  You can also keep this for your archive.


There are a couple of cases where  we are happy to provide a DVD. If the conference organiser says that it has to be on DVD,  then we’ll supply you a DVD! If you have clients or service users who can’t access computers, but do have a DVD player, then of course they will need a DVD. We are currently providing a client with 200 DVD copies of a recent video which will be used by service users who might not have computer access or skills.


And if you want it on DVD, just because you want it on DVD, well, we’ll do that too.